Oya Products &


                                               Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create products that make peoples lives easier and better: Eco-friendly apparel, alternative energy commodities, to mental and physical well-being goods for humanity.

Our vision is being the go to company for new innovative products.




The creators of Oya Products & Designs

Greetings. Michael Horton, is a father, husband, and co-creator of Oya Products & Designs.


His intuitive and visionary ability has enabled him to become a God-gifted product innovator.


Michael joined the inventor's Assistance League on March 30, 2012. It has been a plethora of resources and knowledge.

Michael has an enforceable patent for ALTERNATIVE ENERGY CAR SUNVISOR and ALANGLE DENTAL FLOSS.


Michael has numerous products to be patented with hopes of sharing them with you.


Valencia Burton is resilient full of humility and humbleness. This brings forth her authentic inspiration to be a part of the innovation process.

She is co-founder of Oya Products & Designs. Her main objective is to bring forth professionalism and a legacy that will move humanity forward. Her most notable experience was receiving an Enforceable patent for "Alternative Energy Car Sunvisor and Alangle Dental Floss."

She is an author, and has a personal endeavor with Public Speaking which has led to speaking engagements, and her membership with the distinguished club, Vision Masters, which is a Toastmasters International Club in the Bay Area.